Yeonmi Park Talks “A Journey to Freedom”

Yeonmi Park has become one of the loudest voices in the world of human rights activism, despite her slight frame and timid pitch. Park rose to fame during the One Young World Summit when she took to the stage and haltingly, through tears, told the story of her escape from North Korea and the subsequent hardships she faced trying to find freedom. Park never anticipated becoming an activist and she never thought that her words would make it to the ears of millions of people all over the planet, but they did. Her speech quickly went viral on Youtube and now she is a prominent leader in the masses speaking out against North Korea. Park talked a bit about her book and stood behind her story in a report by Reason. Park has been under assault from doubters hired by North Korea to poke holes in her traumatic story. Pyongyang has already gone through great lengths to try and discredit the activist because it behooves them to make her look bad. North Korea is one of the most consistent violators of basic human rights and if their country’s people got word that the world outside was more free, helpful, and happy than the prison they were stuck in the regime would be in trouble. Even so, Yeonmi Park stands by her terrifying account and now she’s taking to the pages with “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. Park told readers in her book that she never heard of “that word, freedom”. Park went on to say that her father died never knowing that true democracy could exist in the world. She told readers that to her, being happy was just having food. These small snippets may make you shake your head in sadness but the full blown story she tells in her book will have you on the verge of tears. After Park’s father was arrested and thrown into a labor camp, she and her mother fled North Korea. Only in their escape they were sold into slavery and forced to live for years under brutal owners. Her amazing story doesn’t end there, obviously, and her journey to freedom is of the utmost importance for fans of freedom everywhere.

Yeonmi Park’s New Book Brings A Message of Hope

Since 2014, the National Hotline to report Human Trafficking in the United States has received over 1,500 calls. Of the reports, 31 percent involved a minor. It is not uncommon for minors to be used in sexual slavery rings. They fetch big money on the black market both in the US and abroad. Perhaps no one knows that as well as Yeonmi Park. She was just 13 years old when she became involved in the oldest profession in the world. Yet, her innocent was taken and her life forever changed in ways one couldn’t imagine. Park was a child who was looking for a way of escape when she left her North Korean country. She went to China in hopes to find her sister who ran away, and to find a new life. What she found was more torment than she ever could have imagined. Being sold to an older man, Park was expected to perform sexual duties on him and the men he sold her too. She lived in atrocious conditions, as well as was required to go with little food or water. In September of this year, Park released a new book to tell the world about her experiences. She hopes to save others from the horrific world that she once knew all too well. She never lost hope in finding peace and a normal life, nor did she let her past drag her down. Her goal is to spread the message to anyone will listen and that something will be done about it. While the problem is bad in other parts of the world, Japan and North Korea are two of the top countries for human trafficking. Though it is mostly known to drag women and children through its clutches, men are also used in a modern type of slavery for their brute labor skills. Park’s story on Youtube is riveting and will change the way a person thinks about their city and the things that go on right underneath their noses. Journey with her through the most difficult times in her life where she will help others learn from her experiences and save those who may be going through similar ones.

How The 990 Company Can Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Selling any house is an enormously complicated process on 990 sells homes. The person who is thinking of selling their house will often need to spend weeks preparing the house to be seen by buyers. Doing so may require them to undertake various kinds of tasks such as painting, redoing the floors and even putting a significant percentage of the items they own into storage. The seller will also need to take other factors into consideration while they putting a house on the market including the local area housing market as well the current mortgage rates that any given buyer is likely to face when putting in a bid on their house.

Help during the process is important. Someone who knows very much how much help any given seller will need is real estate professional Gregory D. Hague. Hague has decades of experience in the field of real estate. He has spent many hours working closely with buyers and sellers to help them get the best possible real estate deal. His work in this field has been highly lauded by both buyers and sellers who have been helped as a result of his hard work and full understanding of all aspects of the real estate market.

Hague grew up in Ohio, a part of the nation where many people are homeowners. Here, he learned firsthand from his family how to please both buyers and sellers at the same time. Since that time, Hague has struck out on his own with a concentration on real estate properties in the American Southwest. His work here has done much to help both buyers and sellers make sense of the local area real estate market and come to a conclusion that is mutually satisfactory for both parties. It was this understanding of the field and his extensive credentials in law and business as well as his background in real estate that have helped him create a real estate company that has enjoyed a great deal of success.

His company, The 990 Company, is one that allows people to be able to sell their homes as fast as possible. A fast sale allows the seller to be able to move on from a property that may not be serving their needs anymore. By offering sellers access to skilled real estate advice at a small price, he has been able to show sellers how they can use such techniques to make sure that any property they choose to put on the market will sell and will sell as fast as possible in any particular real estate market, even one that may be experiencing a temporary downturn of some kind. Sellers who work with this company are very highly satisfied.

About Town Residential And New York City Real Estate

The landscape of New York City’s real estate market is always changing, and it has been for decades. This change is easy to stay up to date with however if you decide to donate your time to researching the changes in this vast market. This article will highlight some of the changes reported in the real estate market, as reported by Luxury Daily in an online periodical. We’ll also discuss Town Residential in this article to show one of the bigger companies in the market.

Changing Times In The New York City Real Estate Market

Rent is becoming harder to afford each quarter of the year. It is not surprising to most, but the numbers are growing and that is certain. This is due to the attractive nature New York produces. It entices local residents and international guests to enter, return and stay in their city. It is startling at first to realize how high the percentage of luxury homes in New York is growing. The statistics, as reported by Luxury Daily, indicates that 20 percent of the apartments in New York, those in Manhattan and Brooklyn, are classified as luxury homes. This is due to the high rate at which people are paying to rent in these areas. The real estate prices, however, have dropped some. They have dropped nearly 5 percent in 2015. This happens all over the world because of the fluctuation of market shares.

Town Residential
Town Residential is one of the most fascinating NYC real estate companies. Town was founded in 2010. Since then it has been a leading innovator in residential and luxury real estate in New York City. The founders and executives in charge of Town Residential are professional, and they have the mind set to keep up with the fast paced world of luxury real estate in New York City.

The structures and buildings that Town Residential deals in are some of the most exquisite additions to New York City’s community. They have frequent events in the community to stay connected to the people living and thriving here. Town remains an industry leader, and they will continue to rise to greatness in NYC.

Beneful; making it easier for you to feed you bestfriend

The statement ‘Dog is man’s best friend’ is not new to any person who has lived long enough. Dogs serve as pets to give their owners company whenever they need it. Dogs are also used as guards. They act as protectors of the night so that the owner can have a peaceful sleep at night. To find such a stable relationship on between any two creatures is not very easy. Humans themselves are rarely loyal to each other. So having a loyal friend like a dog should be considered a blessing. This is because a dog can never forsake you.

That said, any good friend has to be treated well. This is to ensure that the friendship does not crumble into nothingness. If you have a dog for a companion and you want them to be always their when you need them, treat them right and take good care of them. Taking good care includes ensuring that they are well fed. It is not everyday that you can stumble upon a bone to take to your dog. What if you stay far from butcheries and you can’t always have access to meat? Luckily, despite being carnivorous, dogs have over the years adapted to survive on both meat and non meat foods due to their long time interaction with humans. To make it easier for dog owners, dog food companies have come into the markets with varieties of diets to ensure your dong is healthy.

A good example of such company is Beneful on petco. Beneful is a private pet food industry started in 2001 to provide dog owners with healthy food for their dogs. It produces a number of dog food products ranging from wet dog food, dry dog food, and dog treats. To prove how good their products are, Beneful was the fourth most popular dog food brand in 2012. The brand was marketed on the basis of nutrition and appearance because it resembled stew and contained beef pieces. This is a great way to lure your dog into a great meal. They were the first company to introduce soy as the main protein source rather than meat into their list of premium dry foods products in 2005 in their line, The Beneful Healthy Harvest. A year later, they introduced Beneful Prepared Meals which had 8 flavors and a multipurpose packaging where the containers can also serve as a dog food bowl. Since its introduction in 2001, Beneful has been providing dog owners with a good choice of dog food to keep their companions happy and satisfied.

For those who own dogs but are constantly busy with work or business trips, dog food companies have ensured that you can always pass by the supermarket and grab a delicacy for your best friend every time you get off from work. They have made the task of ensuring your dog is fed easier by having dog food products all over market. It is now upon you to make an effort and get it for your dog. Keep that relationship you have a forever one because his loyalty may just be given to that next door neighbor always bringing him a bone every evening. Take care of your human-dog relationship by taking care of your dog.

Handy Cleaning Services Gives You What You Need in Home Cleaning

Are you tired of having to come home to a messy and untidy home after a long day or week of work? There are no doubts about the fact that work alone can take quite a toll on an individual’s family. What about those who are obligated with raising and taking care of a family? Working and tending to the very needs of one’s family members can also take quite a toll on an individual or parents. It may be difficult to ask your children to clean up the home when they are often required to complete assignments and/or homework for school. You may find it difficult to make any time to clean due to always being preoccupied with work, errands, cooking, business or anything else that you are required to do to support yourself and your family. If you have found yourself stuck in such a predicament, then please do not hesitate to acquire the services of a home cleaning service that has proven time and time again that they are a company that can be trusted and relied upon at any time.

Handy Home Cleaning Services employs only the most careful professional cleaners to work for their team. The hiring process consists of ensuring every individual is well acquainted with cleaning and paying attention to detail. Everything else they need to know about cleaning is implemented into their skill sets through training and experience. Therefore, a homeowner should not have to worry about any of their home’s premises being neglected and/or overlooked during the cleaning process.

Due to the competition that lies within the home cleaning services sector, there are many a homeowner can choose from. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of companies that do not necessarily pay attention to what is required in the inspection processes of arriving at immaculate and optimal conditions of homes in regards to cleanliness. Why choose to attain the services of a cleaning company that doesn’t fulfill their promise to you of providing you with a clean and tidy home to come back to after a hard day of work? Be sure to contact the right group of professionals today from Handy! Their cleaning processes consist of working from the top down to ensure that there are no dust mites, particles, pollen, dirt or any other form of grime left untreated within your home’s premises. Call us today to set up an appointment.

FreedomPop’s Phone and Service Deal is Hard to Top

Freedom Pop never really ceases to amaze the mobile device market. The company debuted totally free service only a few years ago and already has one million customers in the United States and a large growing presence in Europe. The company is not planning on resting on any accomplishments. Rather, FreedomPop has announced a fantastic new promotional campaign in which a very low-priced deal on a Motorola phone combined with free FreedomPop service is available.

For a mere $49.99, Freedom Pop is providing customers on twitter with a certified, previously-owned, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with 1GB RAM-powered Moto E (2nd Gen) phone. The phone has received a lot of good reviews and for good reason. The screen, resolution, storage memory, built-in camera, and other features really make this a great acquisition. The 30-day money back offers pretty much makes buying the phone risk free. Even if the only thing customers were to get was the free phone, this would still be an awesome deal. Access to one month of FreedomPop’s unlimited talk, unlimited text messages, and 1GB of data comes with the deal.

Once the 30 days is up, customers can keep the service for $19.99 per month. No contracts are required and the customer can cancel or downgrade at any time. A reduced $10.99 deal is available, too.

What about the legendary totally free FreedomPop service? Yes, this option is on the table as well. The monthly free plan delivers 200 talk minutes, 500MB of data, and 500 text messages. Again, service can be ended at any time. For those who need more when the free plan runs out, there are ways to add onto it. This can be done easily.

Great Works of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson was born in October 1, 1949 in Washington D.C, United States. He is an American nationalist. His early life was spent in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Bruce went to Washington University located in St. Louis where he acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. Later on he joined American university where his main focus was on law studies. While doing his part time studies he worked as a journalist at the Washington Star. Levenson is married to Karen Boyarsky and they are blessed with three adorable children.

In 1977 Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz co-founded United Communications Group which was based in Gaithersburg in Maryland. This privately held company was started on Levenson’s apartment. The main aim of this company was to provide quality services in data, news and healthcare analysis, mortgage banking, energy and also specialize in telecommunications. Several newsletters have been acquired for example the Oil Express which was written with an aim of giving tips on proper ways on developing the oil industry. United Communications Group came up with a mobile application called GasBuddy which was to assist drivers find low gas prices locally. This company under Bruce’s leadership has been able to tackle easily complications regarding professional and technological establishment brought to them by entrepreneurial companies.

Levenson works at the board of NBA governors as a member; he is also the head managing partner of Hawks basketball team. He was among a group of businessmen who came up with ideas of ownership of Philips arena and the professional basketball team. He thought it necessary to buy Atlanta Hawks formerly known as Atlanta spirit LLC from Turner Broadcasting in 2004. Originally this purchase included the Atlanta thrashers but in 2011 the NHL team was sold by the group. In 2012 the need for having a president as well as a general manager for the team arose and Levenson went ahead hiring Danny Ferry who formerly worked as the vice chair of San Antonio Spurs and played for Cleveland cavaliers. In 2014 Levenson together with his family accompanied the Hawks team to Washington D.C specifically in the Holocaust Museum. Levenson spoke to the Hawks basketball team using his mother in law experiences since she was a Holocaust survivor it was in this same year that Levenson made his plans on selling ownership shares of the group open to the public.

Bruce has worked with several companies and his efforts have been acknowledged greatly. He worked with Tech Target as a founding member and also worked with its board of directors. Apart from working with organizations, Bruce has been an active participant in organizations dealing with philanthropy for example the Hoop Dreams Foundation. He also participates in donations to the U.S Holocaust Museum. These donations are aimed at ensuring students access proper training on being professional tour guides. In 2010 also Levenson together with his wife spearheaded the start of a center for philanthropy in Maryland University. He also went ahead taking part in seed funding to the university this was to ensure students are taught different ways on running nonprofit organizations.

Susan McGalla, Dominating in a Male-Dominated Career

It can seem impossible for a woman to get ahead in a male-dominated career, but not for successful businesswoman Susan McGalla. She has worked hard and risen to the top in almost every endeavor she has taken on.

McGalla credits her great success to her upbringing. Born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, she grew up with two brothers and a football coach for a father. It is this male influence, as well as the lack of emphasis on gender, that allowed her to be comfortable in the male-dominated business world. McGalla claims she never paid much attention to gender or prejudices that might be out there – she just worked hard and followed her passion. Her parents also worked to instill confidence in her, so she grew to be comfortable with herself and putting her ideas out there.

This worked out well for McGalla. After getting her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, she began her career at Joseph Horne Company in 1986. McGalla also works for the Pittsburgh Steelers, There, she worked her way up through various marketing and managerial positions. After her time there, in 1994, she became the merchandise buyer for women’s clothing at American Eagle. She rose through the ranks and eventually became the company’s president and chief merchandising officer, leading the way on the company’s launch of the successful Aerie and 77 Kids brands. In 2009, she became a private consultant, and in January 2011 she began her year-and-a-half stint as chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc.

After years of excelling in big brand companies, McGalla has earned her way into a successful consulting career. She founded her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, and also acts as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Because of her hard work, she now enjoys a fulfilling career with plenty of freedom and flexibility.

McGalla is not only self-focused, however. In her spare time, she serves at her alma mater, Mount Union College, on its Board of Advisors. She is also on the board of HFF Inc. and the Magee Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

Susan McGalla is committed to not only her passion and career, but to helping other women reach her level of success. She is a great leader, built by years of hard work and passion. Comfortable talking about sports or shopping, she encourages women to not focus on prejudices, but on their skill, passion, and ability to work hard.

Madison Street Capital: The Ideal Investment Partner

When it comes to investment banking, Madison Street Capital offers first class services to their clients as they hold the needs of their customers’ prime. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking company that offers a broad range of services ranging from financial advisory services, merger, and acquisition business. Additionally, they also provide financial opinions to their clients as well as appraisal services to both private and public companies. The firm holds the pillars of excellence and integrity core in their service to their customers for their well-being so that they succeed globally. Madison Street Capital have key interest on emerging markets with the opinion that they are the central component driving the development of their clients in the global picture.

The investment bank not only provides financial services to established corporations but also they have a keen focus on developing a partnership with middle market enterprises. The interest in the middle markets aims at helping them go through the complicated transactions so that they achieve the optimal outcome. The middle market businesses reach their goals due to the Madison Street Capital’s support via the variety of operations they offer as well as the first class professional services.

Madison Street Capital and its affiliate broker-dealer, MSC-BD LLC, are committed providing the ideal level of professional standards. The wide-ranging experienced professionals are easily available to the clients whenever opportunities emerge as well as in the decision-making process. The specialists provide refined direction and proficient advice from the initiation till the closure of the transaction. Due to the uniqueness of the clients’ needs, the expert takes necessary attention on their situations, analyze and comprehend each customer’s prerequisite. After the analysis, they find the best match between the buyers and sellers, plan for suitable financing, as well as look for the necessary infrastructure that heighten the client’s potential. Additionally, the unparalleled leadership present in Madison Capital Group gives them the cutting edge in service delivery as they embrace service leadership.

Furthermore, Madison Street Capital have an extensive network worldwide hence having branches in North America, Asia, and Africa. They have a broad range of contacts on both financial and strategic fronts enabling them to reach complex situation from different angles. Additionally, they have acquaintances with great level decision-making capabilities as well as comprehensive resources. These networks allow Madison Street Capital provide quality services to their customers.