Igor Cornelsen Explains How BRICS Development Bank Boosts Brazil Bank Values

China’s continuing advancement towards superpower status will inevitably benefit its South America ally: Brazil. Already, this can be seen with increased trade and a united focus on improving the scope of the BRICS Development Bank. Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen explains how Chinese & BRICS Development Bank developments can boost Brazil bank values.

“Chinese Make Brazil Infrastructure Investment”

During their May 2015 meetings, the leaders of China and Brazil discussed various railroad infrastructure projects that could help expand the trade routes in South America. One of these projects was the railroad to the Pacific “that would cut through the Amazon rain forest.” This would dove-tail nicely with Chinese plans to build a canal in Nicaragua.

As China grows, it has increased its construction expertise. China’s alliance with Brazil can help improve infrastructure to create a more efficient flow of goods.

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The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

“Should BRICS Development Bank Replace World Bank”

All classes of Brazilian society can benefit from these large infrastructure projects. The working class will benefit with increased employment opportunities. The middle class can sell more services to a wealthier labor force. The upper class can invest in banks, providing the capital to make these projects successful.

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff suggested that the BRICS Development Bank might offer a better future than the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, which “do not reflect in their governance the weight of emerging countries.” Naturally, as nation’s rise, they expect to gain a larger slice of the geo-political and economic pie. Brazil and China are united in this pursuit.

In his CNBC interview, Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen discussed how the close Chinese and Brazil political-economic cooperation is a key international relationship to watch. Brazil is a rising star, whose banks would be a great addition to anyone’s investment portfolio.

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Brian Bonar; The Cambridge Executive Award Hero

Brian Bonar is an MBA and Ph.D. holder from Staffordshire University. He is attached officially as a professional with American Finance Association.It’s an organization whose primary role is to carry out studies and ensure the promotion of knowledge of financial economics.

Brian Bonar holds high commercial offices. He is the head of Allegiant Professional Business Service Incorporation, which helps in providing temporary staffing and services involving employer organization.

The organization also offers human resource services to small and medium size businesses. He is the moderator and Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services Incorporation, which provides staffing and employer organization services.

Brian Bonar has almost thirty years of experience in management in the commercial field. He is the coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has served as the company’s head for more than ten years. The company acts as a facilitation tool that supplies the clients with a wide choice of employee programs.

These programs are tailored to increase business efficiency. As the chairperson and the CEO, he is responsible for being the overseer in the selection of employee and employer benefits. He also oversees the aftermarket results.

Dalrada Financial Corporation came into existence in 1982.It has its headquarters in San Diego, California. Its main aim is to offer solutions to business employers. It has incorporated programs that range from business and promotional management services to employee benefits. Read more: Brian Bonar – about.me and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

The corporation provides an organization business solution to various businesses.Dalrada Financial Corporation has put in place mechanisms that help to identify the current position of your business.

It helps create a specific plan designed to suit the client’s needs and help execute and achieve the goals. The corporation offers capital to start the business and ensures the money is fully protected from any risk that may come along.

Dalrada Financial Corporation works with companies of various formations. For startup companies, the corporation helps develop basic business practices from the start. It also develops well capitalized and protected operations.

In emerging enterprises that are made up of small and medium businesses, it leases staff as well as offering temporary staff.

The corporation also engages in outsourcing for your operational needs. There are employee benefits and professional employer organization packages. In merger and acquisition activities, the organization helps in evaluating and managing new the new group.

Brian Bonar was recently named Cambridge Executive of the Year in Finance. Being a member of the Cambridge, Who’s who comes with it a special honor. Each year, the institution has a task of naming only two male and two female members as the executives of the year.

The officials are chosen based on their academic achievements, outstanding leadership qualities, and their professional accomplishments.

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Effective Ways to Lessen the Damage from Online Reputation Attacks

Nothing can be as frustrating as sinking your heart and soul into your business, and then finding out you have a stalker who is determined to spread negative comments about your character in as many places online as possible. The effort this one person uses to post all these comments can be huge, and trying to stay one step ahead of them can be futile. The more this person feels they need to destroy your name, the more of an impact it can have on your business.


Here are a few techniques to fight off those attacks on your online reputation:


Avoid Online Confrontations

Avoid any contact with the person who is trying to soil your reputation. If you were to get into a heated confrontation online, the entire world is your audience and it could cast you in a very poor light. Never give the enemy the satisfaction they have hurt you or they might ramp up their efforts to really hurt you.


Allow the Professionals to Help

The best thing that you can do right now is simply let the professionals at www.SearchCleanup.com handle things from here. You have more pressing issues with work than to be worried about one person and their personal vendetta against you. The experts will scour the web for anything that could negatively impact your business you are aware of or that you may not even know is out there hurting your sales.


Stay Focused on Your Goals

Never let one person and their intentions to harm derail you from becoming the business success you were meant to be. If you let this bother you, then you are giving those who want to see you fail everything they want.


With one person causing such destruction, many business owners simply decide it is easier to ignore them in the hopes they grow tired and go away. The internet never sleeps however, and in no time a global audience is reading these comments can making their own judgements about our character.


Smart entrepreneurs are focusing on growing their businesses and letting the team at www.SearchCleanup.com find and remove the negative news that could be impacting business negatively.

Kyle Bass: Gutting The Country

Kyle Bass isn’t the only individual whose economic practices are gutting the country, but he’s definitely a big part of America’s contemporary economic decline.

Bass has been in the public spotlight since 2008, when he successfully predicted that sub-prime lending practices would lead to a banking meltdown culminating in recession. Bass was correct, but a lot of that has to do with his previous employment with Bear-Stearns. Bear-Stearns was one of the top five banking magnates in New York at the time of the collapse. Bass let a tip slip to a news reporter regarding proprietary practices between banks. The tip hit the airwaves, investor confidence in Bear-Stearns bottomed-out, and by the end of the week J.P. Morgan-Chase had purchased the bank for a fraction of its value. Now, such collapse was very likely inevitable; but Bass let that first domino go.

Kyle Bass also started CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It is the mission of CAD to force big-ticket pharmaceutical companies to lower the prices they sell drugs for. This cuts their profits and prevents them from investing in research and development. Meanwhile, Bass sells the holdings he purchased with them and skips away with millions.

Finally, Kyle Bass is deeply involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of Argentina. De Kirchner has defaulted Argentina twice in just 13 years, yet despite being a prominent economist, Bass always sings her good graces. That makes no sense unless Bass and de Kirchner have some relationship which transcends the media’s perspective of them.

Kyle Bass has made poor decisions, and continues to manage his hedge fund abysmally when considered against other funds of the same kind. Bass is based out of Texas, and considering his leftist connections, it almost seems as though this area of headquarters is some kind of distraction tactic meant to defray suspicions.

Whatever the case, Bass seems adept at stock market manipulation from a legal standpoint. Will this end up being ultimately lucrative in the long-run, or is Bass merely a stooge implementing portions of a larger globalist mandate? It’s hard to tell right now.

Brad Reifler Dishes on “Money Monster”, Tips for Investing

Brad Reifler has been a steadfast presence in the financial investment world thanks to his work with Pali Capital and then Forefront Capital. Most recently we have seen Reifler shift his focus from accredited investors onto the 99% of investors that don’t meet the rigorous standards of the SEC — the rest of us. Reifler has become a friend to small time investors and now he is taking some serious time away from work to help prep these same investors. He started by analyzing the new financial focused movie, “Money Monster” before releasing some hot tips for investors.

“Money Monster” follows George Clooney, an on air cable Wall Street guru, as he is taken hostage by a man who has lost it all in terms of investments. The man is convinced that he was cheated by the system and now he is digging for answers. Though the film is fictional and obviously racked up with Hollywood drama the scenario of the young man who lost it all is based on reality. Far too many small time investors are risking everything in a market that they really don’t understand. Reifler took this scenario to heart and dropped these tips for investors looking to make a move into the market. He highlighted three major concerns that all investors should be aware of.

The first concern that Reifler pointed out is the issue of market fees. Fees are rampant on Wall Street with the majority of firms charging monstrous fees regardless of the performance of their client. This means that the firm is getting paid no matter how well their client fares. This, in Reifler’s honest opinion, is not how things should be working. When the firm is profiting regardless of their client’s outcome it creates an imbalance.

Next Reifler points out how limited non-accredited investors are when it comes to actually finding ways to work with their money. Accredited investors, those earning over $200,000 per year or worth more than $1 million, have many doors open to them that other investors will never be aware of. Accredited investors are unfairly thought of as “more intelligent by the U.S. government” and thus allowed to work with more beneficial investments.

Finally Reifler pointed out the inherent volatility of working with the stock market. The stock market is the most likely place for non accredited investors to throw their money down and it is also the most risky. Reifler is working with Forefront Income Trust to help these same investors find safe ways to turn their savings into long term, larger accounts.

George Soros and The Clinton Campaign

December 2015 saw the philanthropist George Soros, giving the Political Action Committee(PAC) which supports Hilary Clinton campaign for President another $6 million dollars. This huge total has now brought his contribution to a whopping $8 million, adding the $2million that was given earlier. This gift has helped the Political Action Committee reach $25 million in donations on politico.com, making Soros the biggest backer to date. Haim Saban who is a Hollywood magnate and his wife Cheryl collectively gifted $3 million and, Herb Sandler and Donald Sussman contributed about $1.5 million a piece.

In 2004 Soros give roughly $20 million, to organizations that wanted George Bush out of the White House, but that plan failed, so he then decided to adjusted the way in how he did his giving. But, in 2012 he gave Priorities USA $1 million when they supported President Barack Obama for reelection in 2008. It was said later that George Soros regretted that move. George Soros congratulated Senator Clinton after she extended to him an open door;to talk about ideas and any plans he had.

The Political Action Committee group Priorities US, perused Soros once they found out that Senator Clinton was going to make a bid for the Presidency. The huge donate sum is paving the way for Conservative Billionaires to give about $1 billion to Political Action Committees. Soros also was a backer for John Kerry in 2004 in Presidential bid.
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George Soros Foundation Open Society is now in one hundred countries worldwide. He wants leaders around the world to have respect for the people who have elected them, while making sure they are held responsible when thing go wrong. Open Society also help people who are jailed for no apparent reason to obtain legal counsel. George Soros stated that monies he made in the financial market through the years, has help him to help others. Also, to take a stand on debatable matters, especially for those people who voices are not heard.

He began assisting others in 1979. Black students in South Africa was given scholarships in the days of apartheid. When they removed the Berlin wall, Central European University was born. Here, students were able to communicate effectively and horn in on their problem solving capabilities. Soros foundation has also helped Roma refugees to get scholarships.

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The Career Successes of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a successful financial expert. He is the current leader of Trucept Corporation. Trucept works with small and medium enterprises by completing different tasks on their behalf. These activities include management of their payroll, human resource as well as employee welfare.

Trucept seeks to ensure that the small and medium enterprises focus on their core mandates and let the corporation handle the rest. Through the leadership of Bonar, Trucept has been able to develop solutions unique to every business besides providing such companies with staffing solutions.

Brian has vast knowledge in business leadership. Previously, Brian has worked for leading companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. Since August 1995, Bonar served as the director of Dalrada Corporation before becoming chairman of the board in 1999. Between 1992 and 1994, Bonar served in the position of the companyÕs director in charge of technology sales.

Bonar was the vice president of the sales and marketing department of the financial company in 1994. Still in the same year, Bonar was elevated to the position of the executive vice president. Thereafter, he became the president and chief executive officer of the firm. It is in 1998 that Bonar became the chief executive officer of Dalrada Corporation – http://www.modernluxury.com/riviera-san-diego/story/the-new-frontier.

Before joining Dalrada, Bonar worked for Bezier Systems. He served as the vice president in charge of the worldwide sales and marketing of the corporation between 1991 and 1992. Bezier Systems engages in the manufacture and marketing of laser printers.

It is based in San Jose, California. A year prior to joining Bezier systems, Bonar was the sales manager in charge of worldwide operations for Adaptec, which is a controller developer of the laser printer. The company is also located in San Jose.

Brian Bonar’s success is partly attributed to his technical background. Bonar is well versed on how to build a working business structure. The Strathclyde University alumnus has worked for renowned corporations. He holds a bachelorÕs degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He is also a graduate of the Stafford University where he received his masterÕs degree and PhD in International Business Development Studies. In addition, Brian is a proud beneficiary of an Honorary title, which he received from Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Brian has worked for other companies such as QMS Corporation and Rastek Company. It is imperative to note that Bonar worked at IBM for around 17 years. Brian is an expert in matters of mergers and acquisitions. In life, he combines his technical genius of being an engineer and the creativity of an architect to come up with sound solutions to varying issues.

The recipient of the Who’s Who in America for the year 2000 loves playing golf, going out on bat trips and spending quality time with his family.

QNET Partners With Lion Club For Clean Water Initiative

International direct-selling giant, QNET, is charging hard on its efforts to supply safe water to the Srirnam Nagar Government Primary School. This collosal effort, in partnership with the Lion’s Club of Hyberbad, is supplying safe and sanitized drinking water to over 800 students. The government is promoting an initiative of hygeine awareness as a means to help both society and the environment. 

QNET is doing its part by helping schools maintain sanitized facilities. The QI group of companies has always maintained the approach of selflessness and helping mankind. The philosophy, inspired by Mahatma Ghandi, is a goal that QNET has strived for since its inception. The partnership with the Lion’s Club is an essential component of organizing an successful campaign. 

Some of the more remote areas of India – and others with extreme poverty – are plagued with sanitation issues. This is a situation that has been going on for several generations. QNET is looking to change that and make a real difference in the lives of the population in general. QNET also encourages all of its employees at every level to involve themselves in the process. 

As a part of QNET’s Corporate Responsibility Initiative, the company has been working tirelessly to help feed the homeless and help the destitute receive food, clothing and healthcare. The company is currently using its own health suppliment, Nutriplus, to help restore health to many citizens who have medical issues due to lack of food. QNET hopes that more corporations follow their path of corporate responsibility. 

Securus Technologies Still Number One In Prison Technology

Dallas-based Securus Technologies, the leading supplier of correctional facility and criminal justice communication technology, is focusing on improving services in 2016. According to results from a recent national survey, over half of the respondents plant to update technology in an effort to improve productivity and satisfy inmates. 

Surpisingly, over 56% of the respondents say they plan to upgrade current technology and the same number plan to expand services in an effort to cut costs. “Correctional budgets are always under scrutiny,” says Securus Technologies CEO Richard A. Smith. Leaders are always looking for ways to streamline costs so that monies can be allocated to other areas. Securus’ long history with the criminal justice system has proved satisfying for both parties.

Safety and inmate satisfaction are high on the list of correctional priorities. Most facilities agreed in the survey that video visitation and computer tablets were a critical part of facility success. 

Securus has invested $1.5 million in its state-of-the-art technology center near Dallas. The facility has some of the most advanced technological solutions in the industry. Correctional facility leaders are able to experience all that Securus has to offer in real-time. 

Securus is committed to providing the highest quality services to more than 3,450 law enforcement entities across North America. The information management, emergency services and monitoring services help make communities safe. “More and more facilities are counting on Securus for their law enforcement needs,” says Smith. Individuals interested in learning more about Securus are encouraged to visit their website at http://www.securustechnologies.com/en/about-us.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated with Securus America, the website for agents nor is it a part of the pain reliever, Securus used to treat aches and soothe anxiety.

You can download the video visitation app on iTunes for the Securus software to integrate with your Apple devices or, to work with your Android tablet and/or phone find the free app in the Google Play Store.

Helane Morrison Brings Back Sanity to a Field Known Best for Graft

Everyone has an insatiable appetite to invest and accumulate wealth. The path to acquiring the wealth is however filled with risks that range from a slight drop in interest rates that will mean losing a few bucks as expected or to the extreme, a breakdown of an investment agent disappearing into thin air with an investor’s fortune. This is where a master in the game comes into the picture. This is where Helane Morrison fits the frame. And only a few fit the billing like she does.

Helane Morrison has brought back hope to investment trading. Ethical integrity is her trademark. Basically she has helped clean the mess breath in some sanity in this field that many investors had already lost hope in. She tells things straight as it is. And most importantly knows most of the risks in investment are artificially created mainly through corruption.

Helane Morrison started out her career as a journalist. The desire to promote equality in the society mostly by ensuring women are counted at an equal footing as men cemented her career firmly in law. Her impeccable character and desire to fight graft caught the eye of government top officials and she shifted to public service as SEC administrator. Here, she protected the interests of both businesses and investors. All this and many more accolades mean one thing for an investor: a reliable investment partner who is thoroughly familiar with the do’s and don’ts in investment.
Helane Morrison is not your regular wolf who will give no regards to your plight. She takes a keen look at an investor’s situation and gives a precise advice of the best move to take. Most importantly, she will help an investor see the boardroom back-plays and keep clear of such. This significantly helps reduce the risks an investor would otherwise have blindly fallen for.
Helane is currently a Managing Director and General Counsel as well as the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. This gives her a 360 degrees’ view of the dynamics in the capitals market. No one passing through her hand gets it wrong.
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